My Music Video for Halloween Resurrection

2008-09-04 13:36:17 by pitchblak

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2008-09-15 21:16:47

Love this song and the movies. I saw the remake and I pissed my pants like 10 times in the theater. The original was also scary too, but not as scary. Anyway, You rock Pitchblak!

pitchblak responds:

Thanx man,Glad ya checked out the video. That new Halloween was pretty sic.Later bro


2008-09-21 18:45:03

Fucking well done, man. Who did this up for you, bro? This was awesome as fuck!

(Updated ) pitchblak responds:

Thanx man, my buddy Alan, AKA, Williescore did all the filming and editing, without his help, i would be lost when it comes to these damn We actually went to an old abandoned, creepy ass house during the middle of the night to shoot it. All we had was a regular home video camera so we were happy with the way it turned out considering our equipment. Had alot of problems with lighting but the darkness is cool with me,afterall, i am Pitchblak. lol Anyways, im tryin to get my hands on one of those line 6 pods before i start my Friday the 13th track, we were thinkin of doin a video for it to. Anyways man, glad ya checked out the video.Talk to ya later bro
oh yeah, theres a new friday the 13th in the works due to hit the theaters next year, cant wait. I also heard that a new Nightmare on Elm was comin to. You want beleive the rumor of whos gonna play Freddy.......Billy Bob Thorton, if so, that would be


2008-09-28 05:06:33

this is so sick... i like the transition from the real movie to where you film... excelent.... also the bit from the cabinet where the guitar pick and the machete was... i first thought you or who ever was filming was gonna pick up the machete... that was also a sick ass trick there to where this would perfectly be a good music video

pitchblak responds:

Hey bro, glad ya dig the video. We had a blast doin this, Im gonna be doin a Friday the 13th soon and we hope to do a video for it as well. We are gonna have someone playin jason this go around instead of havin so many movie clips. Its gonna be awhile but we are definatly gonna do it. Thanx for checkin out my music and the video.You rock!


2008-09-29 09:37:20

the start is creppy as hell!

pitchblak responds:

Thanx for checkin out my video bro. I really appreciate it. Creepy is just what i was goin for. thanx again


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