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Its gonna be awhile before i get to work on my Friday the 13th track.I made alot of changes and ive got to redo some drums.Also hoping to get a new guitar in August. Im gonna record another project for now and hope to get it out real soon................

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Songs i want to do in the near future

Posted by pitchblak - October 24th, 2008

Hey NGers,I got bored and thought i would make a list of some of the songs im thinkin of doin soon.They are in no particular order besides Friday the 13th which im gonna do first. Its not like many people read my posts anyways but im just doin this for the hell of it.

1. Friday the 13th - Hope to get done soon
2. Imperial March - I know,its been done so many times, i want to see what i can do with it being that i grew up on star wars and that im somewhat a fan
3.Hellraiser - Got to pay tribute to Pinhead
4.To Live is to Die - Ive always wanted to cover this Metallica tune, this is one of my favorite instrumentals done by them
5.Exorcist - Got some wicked ideas in my head using the piano theme behind my guitar
6. SAW 2 - Thinking of using the main riff from SAW but adding some new shit to it. Also, i thought the drums were a bit loud on the first one.
7.The Shining - Just thought it would be cool to do somethin with it. REDRUM

Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions on horror movies they would like for me to cover,just let me know,im seriously gonna try to get some music out more often than i have been. I still dont have the equipment i would like to have and things arent lookin to great on getting it this year so hopefully i will be able to get some new shit next year.Later


Hell yeah cant wait 4 all that shit and i've got an idea 4 saw 2 ill talk 2 ya later about.

Kool man!!

REDRUM! REDRUM! REDRUM! Can't wait for SAW II, Hellraiser, and Shining dude. Good luck man!

Yeah man, hope to get a podxt around tax time, then im gonna start gettin all these songs done. glad to see someone checks out my posts.lol later man

yes. you must do Hellraiser.