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Nice work

I love the SAW movies and thought this was funny. The animation and all was flawless.

It was alright ...

I liked it but everyone hates that voice your using for the characters,it also needed a little more of a storyline.Its was still ok.Also liked the fact you used my audio track (Devastate) at the end.Cool!

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love the darkness of it.

The animation was outstanding,i liked how the glow off the candles lit up the characters face and loved the background music.Cant wait to see the full length of this.Dont change a thing.You are headed in the right direction with what you are doing.Great job!

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great graphics and gameplay

best game ive played on NG yet

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good job but it needs something else

i personally like games that require more skill than luck. maybe if you could have him move around a little more or something that is a little more difficult. it was cool to see the damadge that you inflict on him though. nice effort

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Sweeeeet !!

Whats up man? Been awhile... Diggin the song man! Kick ass Riffs + kick ass lead guitar = KICK ASS ! lol Seriously, Dans lead is off the chain, wish I could do that shit! haha Anyways,Good to see your still kickin my friend!! Keep it Metal! Later Bro

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Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Well peel my skin and boil my bones!!...How the hell are you, bro?>>>>haha. I wish I could play like that too...Glad to see you out and about, bro~~!
Hope all is well!!

Halloween is Near!! haha

Hey man, Sounds good...like the creepy feel that it has! That piano always does the trick.haha Speaking of piano's...I am working on a Phantasm tribute song...hope to put it out soon! later man

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Sweet, lookin forward to it, dude. Thanks for checkin it out, oh horror master!


Dude,this track sounds good! I think the verse riff kicks ass!! haha Also,like the breakdown in the middle of the song.,Overall thought it was mixed good!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Glad you dig it, sucka! Wicked to see you kickin!

Its gonna be awhile before i get to work on my Friday the 13th track.I made alot of changes and ive got to redo some drums.Also hoping to get a new guitar in August. Im gonna record another project for now and hope to get it out real soon................

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